Casino nights bring the Excitement, Glamor and  Bling of Vegas to your event!

Everyone loves excitement! The thrill of hitting Craps, the spinning of the roulette wheel, hitting a Straight Flush in Three Card Poker. The lights, sounds and action of Vegas bring excitement unlike anything else on the planet.

Our Casino Parties bring the best of Vegas to your Event, whether it be restaurant, wedding, corporate event or birthday party. You get the most popular table games, professional staff, and the professional consultation to insure your party's a huge success!

You pick what games you'd like. We have tables for Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, 3-Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Holdem, War, Caribbean Stud and more.

Our professional staff handles deliverysetupstaffing and event management.

Game Selection

All of our games are the highest quality, most professional portable games available. We help you select the games that are easiest to learn and play, the most popular and the most exciting. From one table to many, no party is too big for us to handle.

Space Planning

Provide us with the dimensions of your space, and we'll show you how to maximize excitement. We help you design the perfect space,

Prize Selection

You set the prizes your partygoers win! We recommend two models or prize wins. An optional entry fee is common, especially when food and drinks are provided free, or when the event proceeds benefit a charitable organization. Entry fees may be tax deductible if the organization is a 501(c)(3). Your guests buy vouchers which are exchanged at the table or "Cashier window" for chips. Use these chips at all tables, from the Blackjack tables, Roulette Tables and more. If they run out of chips, they can go buy more at the table or from the event staff. 

In the first model, players at the end of the night exchange their chips for raffle tickets, from which numbers are drawn and prizes awarded. More chips, more raffle tickets, more chances to win. In the second model, guests with the top three chip "stacks" are awarded prizes. You may award Gift Cards, Vacation Packages, Spa Packages, Free Services or nearly anything you feel they'd like. It's totally legal because the prizes are awarded by a random draw, not the result of how you fared at a table game.

You may also use a combination of both models, offering prize draws, and high roller awards. Our friendly and knowledge staff will help recommend prizes which help draw a crowd and keep them there during the life of your event.

Booking your Party

Once the details are handled, we set the date with you. We arrive early, handle all of the setup and break everything down when the party's done. We provide you with contracts, handle deposits and take care of all of the details.

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